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Principal Energy / Encore Upstream


Working through a strategic alliance/partnership with Encore Search (, Principal Energy can provide innovative and specialist high value oil & gas contractor recruitment and Manpower supply solutions.

Based in the UK, Encore Search is an innovative and specialist high value head hunting firm that works with trading houses, investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers in the UK and Internationally.

‘Connecting Talent to Opportunity’

Finding the best talent to ensure you maintain a competitive edge is challenging, disruptive and has risk. Encore Search is a firm that understands your business and gives you access to the best talent in the market quickly, efficiently and effectively.
Encore Search are a specialist consultative headhunting firm that offers a highly focused, research driven service to Trading Houses, Utilities, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Asset Managers. With a proven search methodology, timely research and an experienced and dedicated team that has a rich network of contacts as well as active relationships with some of the markets leading players – ‘Encore Search can mitigate your talent risk.’

Market knowledge, experience, intelligence gathering, 360 referencing and quality research all discreetly delivered – because ‘Connecting Talent to Opportunity’ is exactly what we do. Great opportunities need great people and we can provide you with an individually tailored executive recruitment service that helps you stay ahead of the game by our ability to source, match and target the very best available talent to the right opportunity.

Sourcing Great Energy Talent to Meet the Demand

The Energy markets are constantly developing, both in terms of the level of complexity with the way they are traded and with their global reach within the physical markets. As a result Encore Search has focused our research teams to ensure that all clients have access to the very best talent for their organization and projects.

Encore Search is a dynamic organization and realize that different types of business require different type of people. As a result, its energy platform is specialized in the markets we cover, where our partners, consultants and researchers hold a detailed understanding of the energy markets and the talent within them, helping us give Investment Banks, Trading Houses, Oil Majors, Asset Managers and Hedge Funds access to the best possible talent to deliver their strategy.

‘What happens when your star performer walks out? Mitigate your talent risk and work with a firm that can quickly find a solution for you.’

Encore Search dedicated Partners and Consultants have considerable specialist headhunting knowledge in this market sector and we have delivered professional executive search capabilities globally.

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