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Global Marine (GLOMAE).

Principal Energy / Global Marine (GLOMAE)


Global Marine – Working through a strategic alliance/partnership with Global Marine Engineering (, Principal Energy can provide innovative and specialist high value oil & gas contractor recruitment and Manpower supply solutions. Global Marine Engineering Ltd is a registered engineering company based in Las Vegas Nevada – U.S.A with offices in Douala, Littoral Region Cameroon. GLOMAE supports the oil and gas, petroleum, and offshore industries, world-wide, and in the Mediterranean, the West Coast of Africa, and the Gulf of Guinea Region.

What Glomae Does?

GLOMAE core services include manpower supply to support projects in the oil, gas, energy and rig maintenance sectors with welding, pipe fitting, sheet metal construction and fabrication, sand blasting, NACE-compliant surface protection, scaffold management, electrical construction and maintenance, import/export customs clearance, transport and logistics services, diving and under-water services, and skilled craft and general labour. At GLOMAE contractor supply leadership is crucial to a client’s mission of effectively completing jobs in a safe, competent, and inexpensive fashion. GLOMAE’s team of leaders conveys solid experience and a firm commitment to clients.

GLOMAE’s extensive Manpower resources include reserves of over 1,000 professional personnel, skilled and un-skilled labour. GLOMAE is a leading Manpower supply provider through the Gulf of Guinea region.

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