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Working through a strategic alliance/partnership with Zomay Group ( ), Principal Energy can provide a range of Marine Logistics and Vessel Charter solutions to its clients and prospective customers in Angola and the SADC region. Zomay Marine and Logistics Limited is a West African indigenous company incorporated and manned by professionals, to provide quality Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance, Marine and Logistics services to the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies in West Africa, and latterly through its Principal Energy Angola Country Representation, in Angola and the SADC region.

Zomay is committed to delivering efficient services that will enable its clients surpass their set targets, using our skilled and experienced personnel, and the best available technologies. Zomay’s core competency lies in its ability to collaborate with its clients to help them achieve their business objectives.

Its unique Joint Venture relationships, dynamism and competence has seen Zomay Marine & Logistics Ltd grow from a start-up company to one managing an asset base of over USD125 Million in just over 3 years.

Zomay Marine’s operational, technical and safety procedures are revolutionary. The Company’s Marine & Logistics Division consistently employ the latest technology throughout our vessels nationwide, while driving the development of new technology in anticipation of our customers’ needs. Through strategic alliances, partnerships and exclusive management contracts, Zomay Marine is distinctively focused on remaining a premier transportation and offshore services company and offers customers a comprehensive suite of support services including crew transportation, platform supply, offshore accommodation, maintenance support, standby safety services and anchor handling and mooring capabilities in both shallow and deep-water environments around the nation.

Zomay Marine’s reputation for professionalism and successful partnering with its customers has put it at the forefront of marine support providers for complex ultra-Deepwater developments. Zomay’s operational capabilities also cover onshore services such as swamp in areas of refurbishment of flow stations, onshore leasing and barging services. The Company has a fleet of swamp barges, pusher tugs, crew boats and accommodation modules for crew comfort in swampy locations.

In today’s market, there is no substitute for professionalism. ZOMAY Marine’s personnel, both shore side and aboard vessels are committed to safety and service excellence.

Zomay’s Scope of Work

Marine Logistics

Zomay own, operate and provide technical management on behalf of their clients for the following types of vessels:

  • General utility and supply vessels.
  • Anchor handling tug supply vessels.
  • Emergency rescue vessels.
  • Offshore security vessels.
  • House boats / Accommodation vessels.
  • Fast Support Vessels (FSV) and Crew boats
  • Barges (Ramp, Self-propelled & Spud) etc.

Marine Operations

Through its strategic alliance/partnership with the Zomay Group, Principal Energy has the capability to manage and coordinate the following port and terminal operation activities on behalf of various clients:

  • Cargo superintendence
  • Terminal supervision and management
  • Liaison with port and terminal operators
  • Materials management, personnel movement coordination, port operation and association logistics
  • Mooring, discharge and loading of cargo ex/in vessels
  • Project management

Marine Consultancy

Through its strategic alliance/partnership with the Zomay Group, Principal Energy can provide the following consultancy services on behalf of various clients:

  • On/Off hire condition survey
  • Pre-purchases survey, inspection & Vessel new-build follow up
  • Classification Services according to Class rules and Regulations
  • Third party survey and inspection services

Vessel Categories

Platform Support Vessels

Platform Support Vessels (PSV) range in length from 190 feet to over 250 feet. These vessels provide the support needed for Deepwater drilling and production operations. In addition, these vessels have the capability of handling the more typical construction and maintenance tasks of standard offshore supply vessels. Our access to a vast fleet of PSV globally allows customers to focus on special requirements such as Dynamic Positioning, methanol capability, high volume liquid mud and dry bulk capacities, or to choose the vessels that can handle it all, adding maximum flexibility to their chartered fleet.

Specially designed to carry all the necessary equipment, material and catering supplies to enable the Rigs and Platforms to function. Transport a wide range of both liquid and dry (powder) cargoes in internal storage tanks and strengthened decks for carrying containers, drill pipes and other heavy equipment. Some have the capability (in varying degrees) for Towing and Fire Fighting.

Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels

Anchor Handling Towing Supply (AHTS) vessels are built to deploy and recover mooring systems for Deepwater drilling rigs. These are highly specialized vessels that range in horsepower from 8,000 to 15,000 BHP (brake horsepower).

Features on the decks of these vessels include large capacity-conventional waterfall winches and innovative traction winches that have set records for the Deepwater mooring of semi-submersible drilling rigs.

With Dynamic Positioning capabilities and high cargo capacities, these powerful vessels double as rig and platform supply vessels that are capable of supporting any deepwater operation. State of the art electronics in the engine room, as well as the wheel house, allow these vessels to monitor and maintain equipment throughout all modes of service.

Multipurpose Supply Vessels

Multipurpose Supply vessels (MSV) range in length from 150 feet to 170 feet. These vessels stand out when it comes to meeting a variety of our customers’ needs. A multipurpose crew and supply vessel for use in resupplying off shore installations with men, food and supplies, as well as fuel, water and all of the supplies needed by that offshore installation. The vessel is characterized by a wide, flat boat supporting a continuous precise lift hull structure that rides substantially horizontally in the water with a shallow draft both when loaded and unloaded so as to operate in a very wide variety of types of water and serves as a transfer platform for moving materials, supplies and men from one offshore installation to another and the vessel has firefighting and other rescue capabilities.

Outstanding water and cargo fuel capacities allow these vessels to keep multiple offshore locations up and running. Methanol carrying capability, liquid mud cargoes, Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EEP), and large deck areas make this class of vessel indispensable for production and well-work operations. We consider our MS fleet a primary choice for accommodating projects such as blasting and painting, construction, survey work, and countless other special projects. 

Fast Support Supply Vessels

Fast Support Vessels (FSV) of today are far more than just “crew boats,” and we take great pride in being the leader of revolutionary technology for these vessels. These advanced vessels can bring over 9,000 BHP (brake horsepower) and reach speeds over 32 knots and range in length from 130 feet to 190 feet.

Customers can match the right FSV to their specific requirements by choosing from an array of advanced features such as Dynamic Positioning, Dynamic Ride Control, Controllable Speed Propellers & Monitoring System (CSP), Water Jet Propulsion, high-capacity pumps, boarding ramps to accommodate any dock, environmentally friendly equipment, and cargo deck areas outfitted with recessed deck lighting.

MV Augustina Crew/Supply Vessel

In addition, our customers can choose to meet their high volume cargo demands by selecting an FSV that can transport over 1,000 barrels of liquid mud, 1,000 to 3,000 cubic feet of dry bulk material, deck cargos from 140 long tons to 425 long tons, cargo fuel, potable water, and drill water. We have access to FSV vessels can accommodate up to 102 passengers that enjoy reclining business class seats and various entertainment packages such as satellite television.

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