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Seabed Intervention.

with Zomay Group

Service Description

Principal Energy has access to a fleet of specialised marine trenching equipment for burial and/or trenching of pipelines, flowlines, power cables and umbilicals. Principal Energy is unique in its ability to provide the full range of high technology trenching equipment. This includes mechanical trenchers, ploughs and jetting ROVs, which are supported by a fleet of dynamically positioned vessels, flexible installation and shallow water spreads.

Principal Energy can provide complete stabilisation solutions for a range of seabed conditions and water depths, and has the ability to trenching from beach to full field water depth. Trenching is the cost-effective and environmental-friendly solution to minimise costly rock dump and post trenching solutions.

Principal Energy also offers offshore geotechnical services, through its alliance with Zomay Group. Zomay Group’s Drilling Rig can be deployed from many of the vessels in the Hallin Marine fleet and allows high quality seabed drilling and testing services, particularly in deep water and in other challenging environments.

Fleet Details:

  • Owned Vessels: > 7
  • Chartered Vessels: > 20

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